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Welcome to Space Oddities: The Podcast, a companion to my new book,
Space Oddities: Forgotten Stories of Mankind's Exploration of Space.

This 10-part series will present more fascinating, obscure, and off-beat stories of our exploration of space that just couldn't fit into the book. The series premiers April 25th with new episodes ever two weeks - complete with show notes and additional material like video and audio clips, photos, and more. 

Episode 2: What A Spectacle!


Episode 2 of the Space Oddities podcast takes a look at some interesting, manned spaceflight splashdowns and recoveries, in particular, those where civilians had a unique perspective or got in the way as was the case with the first SpaceX Crew Dragon flight. 

The most fascinating story involves the Apollo 11 capsule carrying the first men to walk on the moon as it made its fiery reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Passengers and crew aboard Qantas flight 596 were the first to see the capsule return in an incredible fireball or as Captain Frank Brown shouted over the radio, “What a spectacle!”

Show Notes:

1969 Pan Am Commercial (the song will stick in your head - Video)

1968 Pan Am Commercial (Video)

Pan Am First Moon Flights Club (Smithsonian - JPG)

Jeff Bezos Post-Flight Press Conference (7/20/21 - Video)

2001: A Space Odyssey Open Sequence With Pan Am Shuttle Orion (Video)

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  Upcoming Episode:

  June 06, 2022: Lost and Found

   During all Apollo flights, the lunar module that was either tested in Earth orbit or landed on the moon were destined to be lost       

   forever, but what if you could bring an actual flight flown lunar module back to Earth? As astronaut Gene Cernan said, "Imagine the

   line at the Smithsonian!"