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Splinter Hill Bog

​with Fred Nations

Every month Joe produces an Audio and Video Podcast. The subjects are wide and varied like Joe's books and writings. Audio Podcasts may be one of his many short stories or a simple discussion of a topic of interest like how to approach writing a query letter to a publisher or an audio trip to an amazing destination. Video Podcasts are mini-documentaries focusing on his books, history, or travel. Joe will even take you with him as he researches his latest books. Check back often for new content.

Hiking the Gulf Coast:

​Part 1 - Alabama

Publisher: FalconGuides

Edition: 1st Edition

Release Date: September 1, 2016

​Pages: 288 Pages

Price: $22.95
​ISBN-10: 1493019384
ISBN-13: 978-1493019380

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Hiking the Gulf Coast:

​Part 2 - Louisiana

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Hiking the Gulf Coast: ​Part 3 - Texas

Hiking the Gulf Coast: ​Part 4-Florida

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