• 1-Johnson Smith, We Love You by Joe Cuhaj21:17
  • 2-The Mitt and the Pendulum by Joe Cuhaj22:44
  • 3-The Great Razzle Robbery by Joe Cuhaj22:46
  • 4-The Naked and the Dread by Joe Cuhaj17:17
  • 5-Take a Hike by Joe Cuhaj28:19
  • 6-Halloweenie by Joe Cuhaj16:14
  • 7-Snowy Days and Mondays by Joe Cuhaj24:38
  • 8-Snowy Days and Mondays-Radio Version by Joe Cuhaj14:03
  • 9-A Wishbook Christmas by Joe Cuhaj17:18
  • 10-A Different Christmas Story-Radio Version by Joe Cuhaj18:36
  • 11-Get a Job by Joe Cuhaj24:59
  • 12-Hello, I'm Driver Ed by Joe Cuhaj21:41
  • 13-Love is a Many Splintered Thing by Joe Cuhaj20:43
  • 14-The Maltese Thunderbird by Joe Cuhaj21:02
  • 15-The Weak in Baseball by Joe Cuhaj20:21
  • Joe Cuhaj's Shorts: Episode 1-Living in a Banana Drea21:26
  • Episode 2: Goodbye, Fish and Chips22:54
  • Joe Cuhaj's Shorts: Episode 3: Prom and Circumstance21:56
  • Joe Cuhaj's Shorts-Episode 4: Pungent History14:44
  • Joe Cuhaj's Shorts: Episode5-The Great Lemonade War of 196511:50

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Welcome to Joe's podcast page featuring his humorous short stories about growing up (all loosely based on faulty memories), "Joe Cuhaj's Shorts".