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Episode 5: The Great Lemonade War of 1965

Welcome to Joe's podcast page featuring his humorous short stories about growing up (all loosely based on faulty memories), "Joe Cuhaj's Shorts". Listen to all episodes here or on SoundCloud.

Joe Cuhaj's Shorts!

  • 1-Johnson Smith, We Love You by Joe Cuhaj21:17
  • 2-The Mitt and the Pendulum by Joe Cuhaj22:44
  • 3-The Great Razzle Robbery by Joe Cuhaj22:46
  • 4-The Naked and the Dread by Joe Cuhaj17:17
  • 5-Take a Hike by Joe Cuhaj28:19
  • 6-Halloweenie by Joe Cuhaj16:14
  • 7-Snowy Days and Mondays by Joe Cuhaj24:38
  • 8-Snowy Days and Mondays-Radio Version by Joe Cuhaj14:03
  • 9-A Wishbook Christmas by Joe Cuhaj17:18
  • 10-A Different Christmas Story-Radio Version by Joe Cuhaj18:36
  • 11-Get a Job by Joe Cuhaj24:59
  • 12-Hello, I'm Driver Ed by Joe Cuhaj21:41
  • 13-Love is a Many Splintered Thing by Joe Cuhaj20:43
  • 14-The Maltese Thunderbird by Joe Cuhaj21:02
  • 15-The Weak in Baseball by Joe Cuhaj20:21
  • Joe Cuhaj's Shorts: Episode 1-Living in a Banana Drea21:26
  • Joe Cuhaj's Shorts: Episode 3: Prom and Circumstance21:56
  • Joe Cuhaj's Shorts-Episode 4: Pungent History14:44
  • Episode 2: Goodbye, Fish and Chips22:54

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