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"Claire" by Quits
"Slip Away" by Quits
"Ticket to Ride" by Quits

Written by Lennon / McCartney

"No White Christmas" by Quits
"That's Life" by Mark Jeker

    Video Production by Joe Cuhaj

"Not When You're Lonely" by Quits
These music videos were produced by Joe Cuhaj for songs written and performed by his former band, "Quits" with Mark Jeker and Kevin Coughlin. The name came from the band's early days. So many musicians joined the group then left saying that they were calling it quits that Mark, Kevin, and Joe said, "Hey! What a great name!" and they have been calling it Quits ever since.
"One Way Love-Pop Up Video Version" by Quits
"Rock n Roll (Does it for Me)"

40th Anniversary Video by Quits