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After success with Hiking Alabama I was itching to do something different and I put in a proposal to Falcon Guides for this book. As the original proposal stated, the book would consist of hikes from northwest Florida (the panhandle) to New Orleans, Louisiana. I was, admittedly, a bit tired of long drives week after week for book research on Hiking Alabama and wanted something a little closer to home.

I was quite surprised when Falcon acquisitions editor, Katie Benoit, who I had worked with several times before, sent a reply. Falcon loved the idea but with a change in scope – do the entire coast, or 99% of it, from Tampa, Florida, to Corpus Christi, Texas.
Hiking the Gulf Coast Video Part 2: Louisiana
Hiking through the beautiful cypress swamp at the Barataria National Wildlife Refuge in New Orleans.
The quintessential Southern scene, the dark, moody, Spanish moss swamps of Barataria.
Another dream book for me! Ever since moving to the Alabama Gulf Coast in 1981, I’ve always thought what a neat adventure it would be to drive the entire coast from the tip of Florida to the Texas/Mexico border, not interstate travel but the back roads right along the ocean, hopping the barrier islands. Never did I dream I would get the chance AND write a book at the same time.
What an amazing journey it was putting this book together. My wife and I and our rescue Lab Archer had a blast traveling from one end of the coast to the other. Everyone we met was super nice and didn't mind the bajillion questions I had. When I talked to them everyone would point out, "you're not from here, are ya?" My Jersey STILL shows through!

The diversity of the eco-systems from one end to the other was fantastic. Most people think Gulf Coast = beaches. It’s much more than that – dark swamps, black water rivers, scrub pine forests, salt pannes, and so much more. The wildlife was incredible and the communities we visited phenomenal. I particularly loved hopping between the barrier islands in Texas as we cruised between destinations like the trip between Galveston and Port Arthur. The ferries run about every 15 minutes and are FREE!! No joke! 

 Just don't ask me which trail was my favorite. Every trail in every state had something special. I did particularly love walking the mile-or-so boardwalk at Port Aransas Nature Preserve out into an amazing salt panne with so many varieties of birds, the sunrise from the observation tower at Robinson Preserve in Tampa, and the swamp walk through Barataria Preserve in New Orleans.
​Publisher: FalconGuides
Edition: 1st Edition
Release Date: October 1, 2015
​Pages: 256 Pages
Price: $22.95
ISBN-10: 1493008129
ISBN-13: 978-1493008124

Hiking the Gulf Coast: The Backstory